Allergy information? It's all made by nuts, with nuts, and around nuts.

Our products are handmade in a small kitchen with and around major allergens such as dairy, peanuts, wheat, soy, eggs, and tree nuts. All shipped packages contain a complete list of ingredients on each item.

Why is it so expensive to ship? Cheap shipping could mean chocolate soup...

As mentioned in our Warm Weather Policy, shipping chocolate can sometimes be a challenge. Gourmet chocolate will start to melt by 70 degrees, so it requires fast delivery and sometimes special protection from warm temperatures. Without quick delivery and careful packing, your gourmet chocolates could arrive at your door in the form of chocolate soup!

What is the shelf life of your chocolates? Life is short, eat dessert first.

We make our chocolates often and in small batches, so most of our products have a shelf life of several weeks. However, the shelf life of a chocolate candy is usually determined by the additional items that you add to it. For instance, if we add nuts for a nut cluster... it will be great for a couple months. Add cream... a couple weeks. Add fresh fruit... a day. So, our theory is it's always best to be safe. Just eat your chocolate when you really want to - which we all know is immediately, right?

Should I store my chocolates in the fridge? Chill. They'll be fine.

Actually, refrigerators have too high of a moisture content and will shorten the shelf life of most confections. Gourmet chocolate really doesn't do well with any extreme temperature change up or down. Just keep your chocolates in a cool, dry room and enjoy!

Can I customize my order? Make your gift as unique as you are.

Although you may not see exactly what you are looking for on the website, we have over 200 handmade gourmet chocolates and will be happy to customize a gift box or basket for you. You can call us at (620) 342-9600 to order a unique one-of-a-kind gift.

Do you have sugar free chocolates? Heck ya

We carry a small selection of candies made with Maltitol and Sorbitol which are sugar alcohol sweetners. For more information about these options, you can call us at (620)342-9600.

How long until my orders arrives? Chocolate emergencies happen.

If your order must arrive by a certain date, no problem. Please call us at (620)342-9600

Most orders are processed and shipped Monday through Wednesday to avoid longer transit times over the weekend especially during warm weather months. We want your gourmet chocolate to have a short, sweet and safe trip to its destination. Please allow aout a week from the date your order is placed for your order to arrive. Expedited shipping is available and recommended for warm weather shipping. Peak seasons of December and February may result in longer processing times.