We are soooo excited to announce our new Sweet Survival Kits!  These themed kits have four activities for four kiddos (or those of you who are kids at heart).  They are so cute that it’s even a fun activity opening the box.  It’s like a party in a box! 

This is how they are going to work…

Starting Monday June 22nd, we will release a new Sweet Survival Kit each week which can be picked up, delivered locally or shipped.  You can order and reserve your kit or kits anytime by calling us at (620) 342-9600 or online atsweetgranada.com.  Each theme has a limited number, so order early!

They are $49.95 each and remember each kit includes all the ingredients and most of the tools for your activity for up to FOUR people.  This comes out to $12.50 per person for a unique experience where you’ll make some sweet summer memories with those kiddos you love most. 

This collection does not contain any products.

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