The most "romantic" day of the year is just around the corner. A day that may just be anticipated and dreaded in equal measure. For some it's seen simply as an opportunity to remind a spouse or partner how much they are loved. But as the owner of a gourmet chocolate shop and the boss of half a dozen college students, it just came to my attention that it may also be one of the most anxiety-causing days of the year.

Just recently, as she was packaging a seemingly innocuous "I Love You" chocolate bar, a young staffer asked with a sly grin, "Kim, have you ever considered doing a bar that says "I REALLY like you, but you may not be the one." We all got a good laugh, but it reminded me that not everyone has the same positive perspective on Valentine's Day and, well, that's a shame. I've seen firsthand that Valentine's is no longer that traditional, romantic day that started with lovey-dovey, high pressure Victorian greeting cards. Instead, it's a day to celebrate all the different kinds of love in your life. Here are just a few examples.


Perhaps your favorite love is PUPPY LOVE!

Why not celebrate the day with a trip to the dog park and a special treat for your four-legged friend? Our house is always filled with doggie kisses all year-round, but it's a fun opportunity to spoil them a little more on Valentine's Day.

LOVE your job?

This year, treat your co-workers to something that tells them they are a positive part of your life. they say that we spend 30% of our total life span working. so how blessed we are when we love what we do and who we work beside. Tell them how much you appreciate it.

Is your BFF the BEST?

Make plans for a box of truffles, The Notebook and pajamas. It's scientifically-proven that good, lasting friendships help us live longer. This Valentine's Day, celebrate the LOVE of friendship.

And really...we all know who many of you consider the LOVE of your life - your grandkids!
Start a Valentine tradition with your children or grandchildren. When our kids were younger, our Valentine tradition was a romantic family dinner with the good china and sparkling grape juice. The kids picked the menu every year and we enjoyed everything from chicken nuggets to blue box mac and cheese by romantic candlelight. Things have changed as they're now adults, but I will find a special way to tell them I love them on Valentine's Day.