Summer is in full swing and the warmer temperatures remind me that Father's Day is just a few weeks away. It's time to celebrate all those great dads out there and, of course, my mind first goes to chocolate. I decided to figure out what Sweet Granada chocolate reminds me most of dads. Hmmm, thinking, thinking... Got it!

Good dads are like a pecan caramel pretzel.
Dads are solf like the gooey caramel.

A caring father is there for his children. He puts them first and helps out in any way he can. Whether it's a hug when a boy has hurt their daughter's feelings or an ice cream after a lost football game, dads wait on the sidelines and are ready to pick up the pieces whenever necessary. A good father puts his children first which gives them the softest of hearts.

That soft spot makes fathers sweet.

Sometimes, fathers try to hide this part, but they are so very proud of their children. Any big milestone his child reaches, he reaches with them. From his kid's first words, to the first day of kindergarten, to high school graduation, to getting married, a dad stands by your side and cheers you on as if those accomplishments are his own.

Dads are kind of nutty.

Everybody has dealt with the belatedly miserable "dad joke." For example. "Our wedding was so beautiful... even our cake was in tiers!" Child: I'm cold. Dad: Nice to meet you, Cold! I'm Dad. Id hate to forget..."Hey, pull my finger." Or last but not least: You: What's Up? Dad: The ceiling, ski, airplanes, clouds... Dad's have their own sense of humor share it often, but that's what makes them entertaining; especially when they try to unleash their dance moves at any wedding, party, or in the kitchen. Then again, it's pretty fun to break out into the running man alongside your dad on the dance floor.

Dads have to be strong like the pretzel..

Despite their nutty ways, dads have a way to be strong and sturdy like the pretzel all the caramel softness and pecan nuttiness surrounds. Great dads hold everything together and are the strong center to great families. We appreciate those sweet fathers amoung us, and hope you do, too. Take a moment and tell him thank you for everything he does for you and your family - even if he is like a pecan caramel pretzel - soft, sweet, sturdy, and a little nutty!