Summer is ending and school is beginning. 

This may sound tragic to some - Free time will start to dwindle, vacations come to a halt, and late night study sessions begin again. However, working in a chocolate shop allows you to see the sweeter side of life. I've come to realize that, in fact, August is one of the most exciting times of the year here in Emporia. Why?

I can hear the hum of Hornet's wings off in the distance. Returning and new students begin to swarm the nest after a seemingly short summer. Amid the husle of move-in day, a few possible future Hornets may be visiting too as they move brothers and sisters into one of several dorm halls. Once the hard work is complete, there is the comforting relief that is the "welcome back assembly," assuring nervous parents and students that they are in for a fantastic year.

Other assemblies and activities help to welcome students back to their "home away from home" with the hopes of easing everyone into college life. The annual block party is on the agenda of course, as well as classroom tours, a party of the lawn, a huge activities fair, and, special to this year? a solar eclipse party. These are only a few events, and there is almost always something going on. You can look for these events and others in the school's newspaper, The Bulletin in the dorms (if you live on campus) or flyers around campus and posted in many downtown windows. It's always a good idea to keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you may find!

Emporia is coming back to life! when the Hornets are home, the town begins to stir gain. It can become very quiet without them here sometimes. Students can be found walking up and down Commercial Street (recently awarded the "Best Main Street in the USA" title according to USA Today), visiting with friends they haven't seen in months or just getting their exercise.

Perhaps they are shopping local, grabbing an extra dose of caffeine to pump them up for the following semester, or picking out the perfect box of chocolate to take back to the dorms (or to eat on the way). Whatever the reason, Commercial Street, Emporia, breaths again.

The end of the summer isn't so bad when you think about it.

Emporia State University is vibrant and colorful again with people and activities. We look forward to the return of college students because there are new people to meet along with familiar faces strolling downtown. The Sweet Granada wants to wish you the best as the fall semester begins. We are here to help you ease into your routine again and to calm your nerves as the first week rolls around. Even during the roughest times of the semester, we have your back, your fix, your study break snack.

Stop in and see us anytime, and of course:

Welcome Home, Hornets!