Following a boiling Independence Day, the summer heat continues to bear down, and the heat has brought to mind an excellent recipe! Many stumble upon the final product on accident, and it's rather simple - chocolate soup.

First, Stop by your local chocolate shop for your ingredients, The Sweet Granada is an excellent choice!


1 Pecan Caramel Cluster

2 Key Lime Pie Truffles

1 Dark Pretzel Caramel Bar

1/4 lb Chocolate Fudge

3 White Dipped Oreos

(Substitute any chocolate of your choice)

A team member will box it up for you, and you will pay for you ingredients.

Baking Instructions:

Place box of delicious chocolaty goodness on your passenger seat, and take off - maybe even do some shopping down Emporia Main Street. Drive or shop for 5 minutes to 3 hours. Retrieve your bag from your 121 degree car, open up the box, and there you have it! A box of chocolate soup of chocolaty goodness? We can give you some tips on how to buy and transport chocolate when the weather is so hot you can hardly buckle your seatbelt or warm enough that your car is slightly warmer than outside.

Chocolate To-Go Bag

If your chocolate fix is just for you, make sure to eat it right away. At the Sweet Granada, we use gourmet chocolate which is a fancy way to say that it super temperature sensitive. This sensitivity means that it melts quicker than some candies, so be prepared to dive into your goody bag as soon as you can or you might have some chocolate to lick off your hands!

Keep yours Cool with a Cooler

If the chocolate is for a friend, make sure to keep it cool, but don't put it in the refrigerator. Our chocolatey goodness stays in tact at room temperature (between 68 and 70 degrees) without a problem, so after purchasing your gift, make sure you transport your gourmet chocolate in an air conditioned car out of direct sunlight. Some ways to transfer without air condition include: wrapping an ice pack in a thin towel or paper and placing it near the chocolate for short trips; for longer trips, consider using a cooler or thermal bag and the same ice pack trick - it'll lock in that cool air and provide better results.

Fit to Ship

The process is a little more involved than when the weather is cooler. Here are some chocolate summer shipping tips:

1. Wait until October. Just kidding... sort of. Unless it's for a special occasion or a dire craving, we do recommend waiting to ship your package in cooler weather.

2. Make it Snug. Use extra deli wrap or paper in the box and/or wrap the chocolate package(s) individually in bubble wrap or tissue paper. You want as little movement of the candies as possible to avoid tumbling and damaging them in transit.

3. Keep it Cool. Wrap an ice pack in newspaper and then again in plastic wrap or plastic bag. This cools the chocolate in shipping and the extra layers help keep the condensation from the ice pack away from the gift box.

4. Layered Love. The best way to make the ice pack last through the shipment is to layer it a couple of times. We wrap the gift and ice pack in thermal material which is then surrounded by a thick layer of shipping peanuts on all four sides. If you don't have any thermal materials can pack your ice pack and gift in a small box, then ship it in a larger box with the surrounding peanuts.

5. Ship it Fast. Most ice packs only last 24 to 48 hours, so make sure that you ship your package within that timeframe. If possible, send the package to their work address so that it doesn't have to sit in a hot mailbox until they get home that day.

Sound like a lot of shipping stress? Don't let the process get you down, though. Most confectioners, including The Sweet Granada, are more than happy to ship chocolatey treats in the summer months for you. So with a little planning, ice and A/C, summer doesn't need to slow down your chocolate fun. Here's to a delicious summer without chocolate soup and keep living the sweet life my friends...all summer long!